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Data Security

Data Security is the protection of your virtual data from malicious hackers, accidental data breachings, prevent data corruption and deter unauthorized access to private data.

Data is too important either to a person or to an organization. If personal data is compromised it puts an individual in harm’s way and if its an organization apart from the money the reputation is also lost. Hence safeguarding and protecting of data is very much a necessity.


Data security can be implemented but not limited to the following ways:

Data back up

Data back-up is important regardless of security. Even for failure or in cases of damaged storage devices due to fault or accidents data back up should be made definitely.

Data Recovery

When data back up is often made data recovery will be easy and much rewarding. If you need a previous version of something before the new changes were made, if a proper data back up was done at regular intervals the older versions can be retrieved.


Firewalls should be installed in every system to protect it from external attacks in terms of virus, spams or hacking or breaching into your personal systems.

Data Encryption

Data encryption is providing a secret key to decipher the actual data. The data will be encrypted using different encryption algorithms which ensures data cannot be understood or seen as original from the file. The authorized person with the decryption key only can use it to read the actual data from the encrypted file. This keeps the data safe.

Data Masking

Data masking is the process of not showing the complete data but only a part of it with which no data breaching or even if stolen can have no value. It is marked with XXXXXXXXXXX to show some personal data exist but you can’t see it. In account transactions, we come across data masking often.

Data Erasure

When people no longer are interested in maintaining their personal details with you and they unsubscribe to your pages or request you that they no longer a part of something, do ensure to completely delete all the information of them to respect their data privacy.

Data Redaction

Data Redaction is redacting or completely invisible strikethrough of part of documents which contain anything confidential and private. This kind of data redaction is used in defense and legal systems.

Password Protection

Data security can be a one or combinations of above for secured data protection. Doing all the above is important, but the most important them all is in everyone’s responsibility of having a strong password and changing it often at the basic level of data protection, that hacking into your data doesn’t become a piece of cake due to your own personal lethargy.